Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard-Can't Catch Me Guide

[Note: you can watch the video version of this guide here.]

The Can't Catch Me Achievement/Trophy is obtained by completing the "Mia" tape without being spotted by Marguerite. It is a relatively easy one as long as you know where to go. First off, you need to find the “Mia” VHS tape. You will find that in the Recreation Room on the second floor.

When you enter the room, the tape will be on your left and it will conveniently be right next to a VHS player you can use. Pop it in, wait for it to load, and watch the cut scene. When you gain control of Mia run forward into the shack. From the entrance go left and then right through the doorway while dropping into stealth mode.

Move around the pile of furniture and go through the door on your left. As you walk down the hallway there will be a door on the right and another door farther down on the left as well as a wooden crate at the corner. Don’t move too far past that crate, as crazy old Marguerite is going to pop out of the left door. Quickly duck behind the crate and wait until she goes through the doorway closest to you and closes the door behind her.

Stay crouched and head through the door that Marguerite came through. You’ll be in sort of a projector room, but ignore that for now.

Instead just head out to the balcony, turn right, and sit still in that dark corner. Marguerite is going to hang out in the projection room for a while and yell about mulch or something. When you hear her shout “And what do you do?!”, that is the indicator that she’s leaving. For me this took over two minutes to happen, so be patient. After you hear her yell that phrase, wait a couple seconds and sneak back into the projection room. Rotate the little figure until it looks like a spider and press A or X to open up the secret passageway.

Mosey on through that and you’ll come out in another room with some junk in the center of it. Don’t forget to pop back into sneak mode.

Stick to junk pile like glue, because Marguerite is about to pop out in front of you. Play ring around the rosy with her until she has her back to the corner that she came from and then shuffle back there while remaining in stealth mode. Follow the crawlspace to the end and eventually the lights will go dark, a cut scene will play out, and you’ll resume control of Ethan. Assuming your game played out the way mine did, you’ll be one Achievement or Trophy richer.

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