Sunday, January 22, 2017

Blog Post 1/22/2017: I Have Returned

(Cue fireworks)

I have returned. I hope you missed me, because I sure as heck missed you. That's actually not true by any stretch of the imagination, but no matter. I seem to have missed quite a bit. Gravity Rush 2 got some polarizing reviews, Scalebound got the ax, we all know a lot more about the Nintendo Switch, and apparently it's just raining Fire Emblem now.

Anyway, content on the site will resume as normal, including the continuation of the SoulSilver Jacklocke challenge with a pair of (admittedly shorter) parts coming out on Tuesday and Thursday this week. I'd love to stay and chat a bit more, but as you can imagine I'm playing a bit of catch-up right now so I must be off. Thank you for reading.


  1. good to have you back. you are right that gravity rush 2 ratings are increasing. loved the soul silver jacklocke challenge. thank you for writing for us.

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  3. great to have you back. you are correct that gravity surge 2 appraisals are expanding. cherished the spirit silver jacklocke challenge. much thanks to you for composing for us.


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