Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Pokemon SoulSilver Jacklocke Part 7

(Begin Mission: Impossible theme)

bum bum Bubum bum bum Bubum

Nightwing and I smoothly descended from the ceiling of the Slowpoke Well cavern using a rope that I shoplifted from the PokeMart in Azalea Town and silently snapped the neck (metaphorically) of the first Team Rocket grunt on watch duty.

bum bum Bubum bum bum Bubum

Together we slipped through the gap in the rocks and judo chopped (again, metaphorically) the next guard from behind while she doted over her Ekans.

Though I actually had no qualms with Team Rocket harvesting Slowpoke tails for the purpose of making money (in fact I applaud their adherence to a sustainable business model), there was this one buttface in front of Azalea Gym that I knew wouldn't move until I went and kicked his comrades' butts.

bum bum Bubum bum bum Bubum

I stealthily kicked in the butt of the aforementioned buttface's comrade...

bum bum Bubum bum bum Bubum

...and liberated one of the Slowpoke...


...and was just about to take out the leader of this faction of Team Rocket without being spotted...


...when I got a call on my PokeGear...


...from that prick Joey...again.

"What do we have here?" the apparent leader taunted upon noticing me crouched next to him with my hands menacingly outstretched towards his neck.

"CRAP OH CRAP. CRAP OH CRAP," I cried until I decided that I was tired of this joke.

"I am often labeled as the scariest and cruelest guy in Team Rocket..."

"Sounds like a problem. I can help with that if you just let me handle your neck for a second."

"I strongly urge you not to interfere with our business!" he threatened as he threw out his Pokemon.

"And I strongly urge you not to position your members in front of high-traffic buildings!" I retorted as I threw out mine.

The battle started with Zubat vs Zubat. Nightwing came out on top easily, though, thanks to him having already learned Bite. Next up came the executive's Koffing. Though Nightwing managed to deal a sizable amount of damage, he was too worn down from our previous encounters to finish it off, so I sent out Lockjaw, who'd gotten a lot stronger during our trek through Union Cave.

But strength alone was not enough. My foe's Koffing began spewing smoke and smog throughout the cave, and Lockjaw struggled to land the final hit as the poison slowly eradicated his health. Just as things began to look grim, though, Lockjaw emerged from the smoke with a Koffing in his mouth and a different form.

"That's my 'mon!" I proclaimed as I put out my fist for Lockjaw to bump.

He responded by biting my arm. I wasn't even surprised anymore.

When the smoke cleared the Team Rocket members had all disbanded, but the Slowpoke they had been exploiting remained.

"Sweet, free Slowpoke tails!" I exclaimed as I collected as many tails as my arms could hold and strolled back out of the cavern.

To be continued...

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