Thursday, December 8, 2016

Pokemon SoulSilver Jacklocke Part 4

"Hey, can I get your number?"

I eyed the stranger suspiciously. We had met literally 45 seconds ago, which was exactly how long it took for Kluya to tackle his level 4 Rattata into oblivion.

"Why?" I questioned.

"I'll ring you up to battle."

"Um, okay," I reluctantly agreed. Battles are nice, I guess.

"I'll ring you whenever I get the urge to battle."

It did not take me long to regret this decision.

I don't know if Youngster Joey just doesn't have any other friends, if he just has too much free time on his hands, or if he has some personal vendetta against his parents and want to drive up their phone bill as much as possible but I swear that kid called me more than five times in the time it took me to walk halfway up Route 30. I searched contacts list of my Pokegear desperately for the delete button but none was present. Annoyed beyond all reason, I seriously pondered the idea of throwing my Pokegear into a nearby lake and just buying a new one. Before I could do this, though, my phone rang again and I answered with an admittedly aggressive "What?"

"Hello?" spoke a female voice.

"Oh, crap."

I had forgotten to tell my mother that I was leaving home again.


"Uh, hi Mom. Sorry, I just went out to get some milk."

"I heard from Professor Elm that you went on a long trip."

"Oh, yeah, um. Yeah. Like a really long trip for milk."

"I wish you would have told me..."

"I am so sorry, Mom. I just totally blanked. You know how I get sometimes. But I think you'll be happy to know that I'm training Pokemon again. I even shaved, finally."

I heard a gentle hum of approval over the phone.

"What about your money?" she asked. "Should I save it?"

"Don't save it. I think I'm going to need it."

"Ok. I won't save your money."

"Thanks, Mom."

"Jack, keep it up! I'm rooting for you, baby!"

"Thank you, Mom. I promise I'll come back a champion again."

I hung up the phone and quickly wiped away my tears using Kluya's stubby wings before anybody could see me like last time. My phone rang again, and I immediately brought it up to my ear.


"My Rattata is in the top percentage of all Rattata!"

"Get a job!"

I ended the call before Joey could tell me any more about his stupid rodent and turned around to look for more Pokemon. In the nearby grass I caught a Weedle, whom I named Drone. After that I ducked into Dark Cave and caught something. I'm not quite sure what, since it was so, you know, dark in there. I hope it was a Zubat though, because I already named it Nightwing. I then arrived in Violet City, departed from Violet City, caught a Wooper, and arrived in Violet City again.

Brimming with confidence at the sight of my new team, I marched into Violet City Gym ready to challenge the Johto region's first gym leader.

To be continued...

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