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Final Fantasy XV Legendary Rainbow Frogs Locations

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Howdy hey. I am here today to show you how to locate all five of the legendary rainbow frogs in Final Fantasy XV. While I’m sure it is tempting to run along the coast of every source of water in the game desperately hoping to hear a ribbit, that would be a colossal waste of time. I am going to assume that you have already initiated Professor Sania’s The Frogs of Legend quest, seeing as how you’re reading this article. You can see a general location for each of the frogs on this map here, and we will be going into detail on where to find each of them in numerical order.

So with that, let’s go.

Frog #1

For our first rainbow frog, you’re going to want to start off at the camp at Capitis Haven, located in the northwest corner of the map. I recommend waiting until daytime to hunt for frogs, since that will make finding them much easier. So you’ll want to head out from Capitis Haven and hug the shoreline of The Vesperpool lake, going clockwise.You may have to fight or flee from some baddies along the way, but it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Keep close to the shoreline until you reach the fishing spot called The Vesperpool West Bank. That’s how you know you are close. Stand on the dock, look a bit north, and you will see a small lump of land in the water.

Our first rainbow frog is located smack dab in the middle of that lump. You may have to clear out a couple of daemons before the game will let you pick this little guy up like I did, but no worries.

Frog #2

Our second frog is located in the western area of the map. It would be best for you to start off from the Parking Spot called The Maidenwater.

From The Maidenwater, follow the road east. Stay on the right side of the highway and do not try to cut through the grass, as you will hit an invisible wall before you get to our destination. Once you reach the point where another road intersects with the one we are currently on, you should see the river bank. Head to the river bank and follow it north, avoiding the demonic crabs along the way.

Soon enough, you should hear the familiar ribbits of a rainbow frog.

If you are still having some trouble finding it, a good way to know if you are close is by looking at the overworld map. Our target is just south of where the river splits into two.

Frog #3

The third rainbow frog is fairly easy. You’ll want to park your car at the Parking Spot outside Fort Vaullerey, which is one of the flying fortresses that you would have toppled during the main quest.

From the Regalia’s position, cross the road and head to the levee by the river. Follow it south and the concrete will eventually end and the sand will begin.

There’s a group of enemies here that you can dispatch or run away from. From there, our rainbow frog is just a short walk past the first large boulder and is hiding beside the second large boulder.

Frog #4

For our fourth legendary rainbow frog, you’ll want to start off at the outpost called Coernix Station Cauthess. There is a small lake just to the south of this gas station and that is where we’ll find our query.

So follow the highway south until you see the silo.

From there follow the dirt path until you see the water tower above you.

Near that water tower is the lake we are looking for and you will find the fourth rainbow frog right next to the gap in the fence closest the water tower that we came from.

Frog #5

For our fifth and final rainbow frog, you will want to start out at a campground near the center of the overworld map called Pullmoor Haven.

Looking out from this campground you will see two lakes: a large one on your left and a smaller one your right. You’ll want to head towards the latter.

As you approach the smaller lake, you’ll probably notice a large rock formation right next to it. The final rainbow frog will be near where the rock meets the lake, among the short trees.

Now that you’ve found all five of the legendary rainbow frogs, you can return to Professor Sania back in the Meldacio Hunter HQ where she will reward you with a sweet 15,000 XP, the very useful Ribbon accessory, and some condescending words about artists.

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