Friday, December 2, 2016

Blog Post 12/2/2016: I Hear There Were Some Awards Last Night

I can't say that I watched The Game Awards last night. My Thursdays are primarily dominated by D&D. Regardless, for me award shows fall under a similar category of entertainment as professional basketball games in that I'm fine with just watching the highlights. I don't feel like I need to view the entire the entire production in order to cringe at Kanye interrupting Taylor or to cheer at Overwatch winning game of the year.

But perhaps I should change that mentality. I've always felt that if you enjoy something you should support it in some way, and so The Game Awards should at least benefit from my viewership (not that I really matter in any way, shape, or form). I attempted to watch the recording of the show on Youtube today, but as of right now the audio has been stripped from the video due to a supposed copyright infringement that I'm sure will get straightened out soon enough. But even by appearances I think it's already safe to say that this year's Game Awards was a much classier affair than the VGX of years past, and I can only thank Arceus for that. Hard work deserves reward, and if making games as spectacular as Overwatch, Stardew Valley, Doom, etc. doesn't qualify as hard work than I don't know what does. If the new, classier Game Awards can help give some sort of legitimate credit to the teams that dedicate much of their time and energy to helping us all have a good time then more power to them.

So speaking of video games, Pokemon Sun and Moon are great ones. I beat Pokemon Sun in a few days, and I can honestly say that they rank among my favorite in the series. Bear in mind that this is also coming from a lifetime consumer of all things Pokemon. I think the newly introduced monsters are welcome additions to the now 800 or so and I appreciate how these games have a very lighthearted feel but are also not afraid to have a sort of darkness to them that I haven't really seen since the original Red and Blue. It's both unsettling and refreshing, and I appreciate that Game Freak isn't afraid to "go there" every now and then.

I'm a few hours into Final Fantasy XV, and I have already pondered taking a road trip several times. Though the game has been frustrating to me at times, mostly due to the sudden and frequent appearances of flying ships packed with over-leveled enemies, I am really enjoying the game's open world. I also find the party to be one of the most believable sets of heroes in the series. Many previous titles (FFIII, FFIV, FFV, FFVI, FFXIII...) featured parties composed of relative strangers whom we are to believe manage to get along and fight together flawlessly despite having only recently united, often due to a common cause rather than a shared past or mutual friendship. The quad heroes of Final Fantasy XV, on the other hand, feel to me like a much more realistic group to be taking on the world together. From their banter and interactions it is easy to tell that these characters have known each other well since long before the opening cut-scene, and that makes it far more believable to me that they would stick together through hardship and help their buddy Noctis fight an empire with numerous giant robots of death that are over-leveled and just drop in at random-but-far-too-frequent-intervals. I really hope none of them die.

If one does, though, I prefer it be Prompto.

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