Friday, November 4, 2016

Sombra Officially Revealed

She's finally here.

After a long and convoluted ARG surrounding her existence, Blizzard has finally announced Overwatch's newest playable character, Sombra. Her official unveiling (hopefully) marks the end of the months long scramble for clues regarding the mysterious hero.

According to her story trailer and the game's official website, Sombra was an orphan of the Omnic Crisis with an unnatural gift for hacking. She worked with the Los Muertos gang (seen in Soldier: 76's animated short) to topple the Mexican government and eventually found herself learning things about global agencies that no one was meant to know about. With her own security compromised, she dropped off the grid and eventually returned as the Sombra we see today. Now she is (sort of) working with Talon, the same group currently employing Reaper and Widowmaker. But her ultimate goal is yet to be seen.

Game play wise, Sombra is classified as an Offense hero and is a master at infiltration. She can temporarily turn invisible and gain a considerable speed boost using her Thermoptic Camo ability and also use Translocator to throw out a small translocator beacon that she can teleport to at the press of a button. True to her nature has a hacker, Sombra also has the Hack ability which can target enemies to make their abilities temporarily unusable or target health packs to nullify their effects. Finally her ultimate ability, EMP, sends out a pulse of energy that destroys enemy barriers and shields and hacks all opponents within the blast radius.

Sombra is going to be available for play on the PC version's public test servers starting next week and should be available for full play within the near future. It is worth noting that Overwatch's last new hero, Ana, spent about a week on the PTR before being available for general play.

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