Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Overwatch's Symmetra is Getting Revamped

In yesterday's Overwatch Developer Update, director Jeff Kaplan outlined the big changes coming to the game's least played character, Symmetra.

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Available now on the PC version's public test realm servers, Symmetra's changes are as follows:

-Symmetra's Photon Shield ability has been replaced by the Photon Barrier. Rather than adding shield health to her allies, this new ability creates an energy barrier similar to Reinhardt's that travels forward about as quickly as characters' running speeds.

-Symmetra now has two Ultimate abilities. Once her Ultimate is fully charged, Symmetra can toggle between placing her teleporter as normal or placing a shield generator that grants shield health to all allies within range, regardless of whether or not they are within a line of sight.

-The range of Symmetra's primary fire has been slightly increased (5 meters to 7 meters).

-Whereas before Symmetra could only have up to 3 Sentry Turrets ready to be placed at time, she can now stack up to 6 Sentry Turrets for use before placing them. This ability's cooldown time has also been reduced by 2 seconds.

-Symmetra's teleporter is now twice as durable.

These changes come in response to many players' complaints that Symmetra is an overly situational hero. Her ability to create a teleporter for her team is one that is typically only useful during the first phase of the match and her placed sentry turrets have little use when a team is not trying to defend an objective. This is not a new issue, either. In an interview with Game Informer  in August, Kaplan identified Symmetra as consistently being the least played character. A dramatic update for the hero has been discussed in ambiguous terms in previous developer updates, but this stint on the PTR will be the first look players get at these changes.

You can watch the developer update here and read the PTR update's patch notes here.

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