Monday, November 14, 2016

Nintendo Switch Price Possibly Leaked

Though Nintendo has stated that no more information on the Switch will come until January's presentation, the new console's price may have recently leaked via Toys 'R' Us's Canadian website.

Originally spotted by WCCFTech, the since-removed store page listed the Nintendo Switch's price at 329.99 CAD. This amount is currently equivalent to 243.44 USD, 226.79 EUR, 194.96 GBP, and 322.59 AUD.

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It is worth noting, however, that online stores frequently put placeholder numbers for information that is not yet known, as is often the case with release dates for games that do not yet have an official date. A case in point (at the time of writing) is Mass Effect Andromeda's Amazon page, which states that the game will be released December 29, 2017 despite the game's official website giving it an early 2017 release window.

What makes this supposed leak more compelling, however, is that the roughly 249 USD price point would be in-line with Nintendo's previous home console launch prices. The base Wii U console was 299.99 USD back in November 2012 and the Wii (including Wii Sports) was priced at 249.99 USD at launch. This price would also make the Switch instantly competitive with the basic Xbox One and PS4 consoles, which can currently be found for around 250 USD and 300 USD respectively.

Nintendo has not yet announced whether or not the Switch will launch with a basic version and deluxe version similar to the Wii U, nor has a release date more specific than March 2017 been given. Nintendo's president Tatsumi Kimishima has stated that the pricing, release date, and game lineup for the new console will be officially unveiled at January's Nintendo Switch Presentation.

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