Friday, November 11, 2016

New Pokemon TCG Expansion Gets an Old Website

To celebrate the recent release of the Pokemon TCG's Evolutions expansion, the official Pokemon website has downdated (the opposite of updated) its website to one reminiscent of the late 90's.
Evolutions, the latest and final expansion in the Pokemon TCG's XY series, is a throwback to the original base set of the Pokemon card game that many fans grew up playing (or just buying and looking at the pictures). It features over 100 "new" cards that are reprints of the original set but with updated attack power and hit points to stay competitive with the more modern sets. It's just like when Pepsi was doing that "throwback can" thing a couple years ago with the catchy commercials.

To accommodate this retro-inspired set, the official Pokemon website gave the expansion's webpage a design straight out of the late 90's, featuring looping Flash animations, embedded music playing at an absurdly high volume, and a custom pointer.

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Visitors are even greeted by the familiar BiiAaaaaBiriBiriBvvvv that will make anybody who had 1999 dial up internet cringe in disgust. 

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