Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Horde of New Features Now Available for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

In today's Nintendo Direct, Animal Crossing Producer Hisashi Nagami (in the guise of New Leaf's new character Harvey) showed off the plethora of new features now available as part of a free download for Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

The most prominent of these features is the newly-added campground area and its associated Amiibo functionality. Players will now be able to obtain an in-game item that summons the ghost/genie Wisp. Using Animal Crossing villager Amiibo cards with your 3DS system in conjunction with Wisp will allow you to send those villagers to the new campground area where they will set up their RV. Players can purchase items from these visitors and even woo them into moving into their village. In addition to the Amiibo cards, players can also use the Animal Crossing Amiibo figures for other special benefits.

The Animal Crossing Amiibo series is not the only compatible group of figures, however. New Leaf is also compatible with Amiibo from the Splatoon and Legend of Zelda series. Using these figures will bring exclusive Splatoon and Zelda-themed villagers and furniture to the campground. Some of these villagers include Wolf Link, Epona, and Callie and Marie cosplayers.

In addition to the new campground and Amiibo-exclusive items. this update also adds the in-game WiiU console and 3DS console, which allow players to play new mini games. The games showcased in the Nintendo Direct were Animal Crossing Puzzle League, your typical puzzle league thing, and Desert Island Escape, a turn-based game in which you control several villagers who must gather resources to survive and escape from an island within a certain time limit.

The Town Pass Card, which previously primarily served as the player's in-game passport, now has minor activities that can be completed in exchange for Mutual Exchange Of Wealth coupons, which are dispensed from the Coupon Allocating Terminal. These MEOW coupons are the currency used in the new campground area mentioned above.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf will also now utilize the 3DS's camera. Players can use the camera to take pictures of themselves with various Animal Crossing characters, including Tom Nook, K.K. Slider, and Harriet.

A few improvements also came to home decoration. Players now have access to a secret storeroom. Described as an "invisible closet", this new feature allows players to store their items without having to actually have a storage-capable furniture item set out on floor of their home, so players no longer have to worry about that one green dresser ruining the look of their meticulously designed outer space living room. Also for players' convenience, furniture can now be moved around via the touch screen rather than the inconvenient pick up, put down, slide, spin awkwardly routine that players are currently used to. Additionally, people that played Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer will now be able to order some of the giant furniture from that game.

Finally, players that decide that they want to restart their life in a new village will no longer have to start from scratch. Players now have to option to "sell" their old town to Tom Nook, the ever-present real estate mogul/loan shark/likely mobster. Tom Nook will evaluate the worth of the town and give players a sum of bells relative to that town's worth, enabling players to start their new life with a much fatter wallet than before. Hopefully weed infestations don't devalue villages too much.

The free update is available for download now and you can view the entire Nintendo Direct here on Youtube.

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