Thursday, November 17, 2016

FireRed Jacklocke Part 30

"I am Agatha of the Elite Four," my opponent said as she glared at me with intensity. "I hear Oak's taken a lot of interest in you, child."

"I suppose he did ask me a lot of questions, yes."

"That old duff was once tough and handsome."

"Calling him that is a bit odd considering the context of this conversation."

"But that was decades ago. He's a shadow of his former self."

"I don't doubt that," I replied, recalling our initial conversations.

"Now he just wants to fiddle with his Pokedex."

"Uh, so I'm here to have a battle."

"He's wrong. Pokemon are for battling!"

"Ah, there's the segue I've been waiting for."

"Jack! I'll show you how a real trainer battles!"

I knew this would be a tough fight from the get-go. Unlike the previous Elite Four members, I did not have any immediate type advantage over Agatha. I started the battle with Hachiko, who used Flamethrower on her Gengar. It responded with a Double Team. That Double Team proved problematic, as Hachiko missed his next attack while the Gengar managed to hit him with Toxic. I knew that Toxic put a timer on Hachiko's life, so I had to act cautiously. Hachiko spent a turn finishing off her Gengar and then another when I ordered Hachiko to hit Agatha's Golbat with a Fire Blast, hoping to score a one-hit knock out. It didn't hit hard enough though. The Golbat survived and attacked my Pokemon with Air Cutter. It was a critical hit and I watched in horror as Hachiko's HP fell and then fell again to the Toxic. But he was still up.

I pulled a Full Restore from my backpack and applied it to my Arcanine just in time for him to withstand a Poison Fang from the Golbat. Hachiko took it down with a Flamethrower the next turn. Next came Agatha's Arbok. Hachiko hit it with a pair of Flamethrowers, but the Arbok held on by a thread. It responded with a Screech to lower my Pokemon's defense and then a Sludge Bomb which brought Hachiko down to 7 HP. They were both in critical condition, but I knew that Hachiko had the advantage.

"Hachiko, use Extreme Speed!" I ordered.

But it didn't happen. Instead Hachiko fell the floor. He had been poisoned by the Sludge Bomb.


I wanted to stop the fight. I wanted to kneel down at Hachiko's side and hold my precious Arcanine for a few final minutes before he passed away. But I knew that I couldn't. The fight had to continue. There was no option to stop.

"Minato, finish this!"

Agatha applied a Full Restore to her Pokemon before mine could hit it with Shock Wave, but in Minato's rage at the loss of his comrade he managed to pull of a critical hit, effectively neutralizing the item. With another Shock Wave, her Arbok was down.

Apparently not willing to save it for last, Agatha sent her strongest Pokemon out next. It was now Minato vs Gengar. Minato hit it with Thunderbolt and managed to paralyze it, preventing it from retaliating immediately. Unfortunately it pulled out a Sitrus Berry and ate it to restore some hit points, so Minato's next Thunderbolt was still not enough to take it out. It responded to that attack with Sludge Bomb.

Agatha healed her Pokemon with another Full Restore, but it proved to be worthless when Minato's next attack struck critically and knocked out her Gengar. Last came her Haunter, which stood no chance against Minato's fury. The fight was over.

I didn't listen to much of Agatha's words after the battle. Instead I sat there, stroking the fur around Hachiko's neck. That was his favorite place for me to scratch. Somehow, even in death, his body just radiated heat. Though I wanted to take his body back and give him the burial that he deserved, that was simply not an option here.

"Farewell, my friend," I said and returned his lifeless body to its Pokeball. I stood up just in time to hear the end of Agatha's speech.

"I have nothing else to say. Run along now, child!"

I simply stared her down from across the room while I tipped my hat to her and sternly said, "With pleasure."

To be continued...

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