Thursday, November 10, 2016

FireRed Jacklocke Part 28

And there I was, at the steps to my dream. Every victory, every death, and every hardship led us to this point.

Our recent losses were particularly harsh on my team, to the point where I even needed to call back Bruce from the sidelines and pluck a low-level Lapras from storage.

Were we ready? Maybe. Maybe not. But frankly I was sick of level grinding, so I went in anyway.

"Welcome to the Pokemon League," greeted my first opponent. "I am Lorelei of the Elite Four."

I had no retorts, no snide comments. All I had was Minato's Pokeball at the ready.

"No one can beat me when it comes to icy Pokemon. Freezing moves are powerful. Your Pokemon will be at my mercy when they are frozen solid. Hahaha! Are you ready?"

I nodded in affirmation and silently threw my Pokeball as she did the same.

Her Dewgong came out first and set up a Safeguard while Minato hit it hard with a Thunderbolt. Though it was not enough to take it out in one shot, it did force Lorelei to use one of her Full Restores on her Pokemon while Minato proceeded to thrash it with Shock Wave. Soon it was down and replaced by a Cloyster. This time my Jolteon put it down in a single hit. Next, she sent out a Slowbro. It's massive bulk was too much for Minato to one-shot, but it did make the mistake of using Amnesia its first turn and it was down the next turn before it could strike back.

Next came her Lapras. It was a worthy foe for my Pokemon, but it was only able to land a single Body Slam on Minato before he took it down. Lorelei was now down to her final Pokemon, Jynx. I knew that Thunderbolt would not be enough to beat it in one hit, so I took chance on the flinch.

"Minato, use Bite!" I commanded.

And we got the flinch. The attack got the Jynx down to a little over half health and stripped it of its turn. I ordered Minato to finish it off with a Thunderbolt, but her Jynx managed to just barely hang on and retaliate with a Lovely Kiss, putting my Pokemon to sleep.

I took a risk and swapped out Minato for Hachiko while Lorelei healed up her Pokemon with another Full Restore, and after two turns Hachiko was victorious. Bruised, but victorious.

"...Things shouldn't be this way!" my opponent exclaimed.

I let both Minato and Hachiko out of their balls to congratulate them and give them the healing they needed. After I was finished, Lorelei addressed me.

"You're better than I thought," she admitted. "Go on ahead. You only got a taste of the Pokemon League's power."

I tipped my hat at her.

"With pleasure," I grinned.

To be continued...

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