Thursday, November 3, 2016

FireRed Jacklocke Part 26

I proudly marched through Route 22 with my party in tow, whistling in joy as I made my way to the Indigo Plateau. Soon I would be crowned champion. My pleasant stroll across cloud nine was abruptly brought to a halt, however, by the sudden appearance of one person.

"Buttock!" I exclaimed with red eyes and burning desire to punt a kitten.

"What? Jack! What a surprise to see you here! So you're going to the Pokemon League?"

I continued to glower at him, the image of Stalker and Wumbo falling still fresh in my mind.

"I am."

"You collected all the badges, too? That's cool!"

"Cut the crap, Buttock, we both know what's about to happen."

"Then I'll whip you, Jack, as a warm-up for the Pokemon League. Come on!"

"Bring it!" I spat.

And bring it he did. First up was Minato vs Pidgeot, a matchup which Minato handled easily. He send out a Rhyhorn next, so I had to make the switch to Bacchus. Bacchus took a hard Take Down from the Rhyhorn, but retaliated with a knock-out Razor Leaf. Buttock sent out that blasted Alakazam next, so I was forced to swap out Bacchus for Leviathan. My Gyarados took a Psychic attack on entry that dealt 1/3 of her total hit points, and Buttock's faster Alakazam also set up a Future Sight before I could attack him. After the first hit, Leviathan went for another Earthquake on it, but she fell victim to a Disable before she could manage to execute her attack. It was at this point that the Future Sight hit her. Leviathan was barely holding on now.

I could see the Alakazam lifting its spoons again. I knew that another Psychic attack was coming, one that would finish of my Pokemon for good. Desperately, I sprinted towards my Gyarados while my hands fumbled through my backpack in search of a Hyper Potion. But just as I was about to reach Leviathan to heal her I tripped and dropped the Hyper Potion to the ground.

"No!" I screamed as I furiously grabbed at the air around my item.

Somehow with my trembling fingers I managed to pick the Hyper Potion back up and continue dashing towards my suffering Pokemon. But it was...just barely in time. I sprayed Leviathan with the healing item just in time for her to take a critical hit from the Alakazam.

I breathed a sigh of relief and Leviathan turned back to me and gave me a nod of assurance. I sprayed her with another Hyper Potion as she took another Psychic attack which only managed to deal 1/3 of Leviathan's HP. With math now on our side, I ordered Leviathan to go in for the final attack. And just like that, Leviathan was dead. Dead.




To a critical hit from the Alakazam.

Vermin. Stalker. Wumbo. And now Leviathan.

"No!" I screamed in horror Leviathan's serpentine body fell limply to ground.

Hachiko, Minato, and Craig managed to finish off the rest of Buttock's team together, but I can't say that I gave them much support. I simply stood there despondently. The only thing that I really heard was Buttock saying "Smell you later!" as he sauntered away with his dopey grin.

"No, Buttock," I muttered through a clenched jaw. "It will be me who smells you later."

I don't even have anything to say about Leviathan's funeral. It was almost routine at this point.

To be continued...

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