Tuesday, November 1, 2016

FireRed Jacklocke Part 25

I returned to Viridian City in a hurry, both because I heard through the grapevine that the Gym Leader finally returned and because I very badly needed to escape an irate Bill on Cinnabar Island. I entered Viridian City Gym and was immediately hit with a strange sense of familiarity.

"This gym looks just like the Team Rocket base in Celadon City," I said aloud, which I believe caused the nearby gym trainers to suddenly acquire a look of nervousness on their faces. They all began stammering alibis at me.

"T-Team Rocket? Never heard of them!"

"Uh, how could the leader of Team Rocket possibly be the leader of a Pokemon gym? That's, uh, crazy talk!"

"There's a Team Rocket base in Celadon City? I never knew that!"

"What gym?"

I simply sighed and continued through the building as normal, suspicious of the building's resemblance to Team Rocket's base, the trainers' desperate attempts to convince me that they were not part of Team Rocket, and the fact that nobody in this gym would actually say the Gym Leader's name. My suspicions were soon confirmed.

"Fwahahaha! Welcome to my hideout!" Giovanni greeted me.

"I am in no way surprised to see you here."

"It shall be so until I can restore Team Rocket to its former glory."

"To be honest, I'm kind of relieved that it's you. For a second, I was worried that the Gym Leader would be someone that can fight."

"But, you have found me again. So be it."

"I can't say it took much effort."

"This time, I'm not holding back!"

"So I have a question. Why are you so secretive about your identity when you are inside your gym, but you'll just tell your name to anybody that can find you inside your criminal organization's base?"

"Once more, you shall face Giovanni, the greatest trainer!"

"See, you're doing that thing again. You literally just told me that you are part of Team Rocket and that your name is Giovanni in the same conversation."

I really don't get these Team Rocket people. I don't know if its arrogance, stupidity, or if I'm actually just not speaking loud enough, but something is wrong with my attempts to communicate with them. I suppose it didn't really matter though. Leviathan swept through his entire team single-handedly anyway.

"Ha! That was truly an intense fight."

"For you, probably."

"You have won!"

"Trust me, there was no doubt about that."

I think Giovanni might have disbanded Team Rocket or something after the battle too. I wasn't really paying much attention since I immediately used the TM he gave me on Leviathan. My awesome sea monster could use Earthquake now. Sweet.

And that's the story of how I stopped a criminal organization.

To be continued...

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