Saturday, November 5, 2016

Final Fantasy TCG Delayed Until Nov 11

On the heels of last week's delay, the US release date of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game has been pushed back once again.

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According to the game's US distributor's website and confirmed by several game stores, the release date for the first series of the Final Fantasy TCG, called Opus I, has been pushed back another week to November 11, 2016. Some games stores have stated that, due to a low supply, cards may only be available in limited quantities and have cited an underestimation of demand for the game as a factor in the delays. Other stores will not be getting any stock at all until January of 2017.

Originally slated for an October 28 release, Opus I was already delayed from October 28 to November 4 in the US and now it appears that American fans will have to endure another week waiting. In Europe, however, the game has released as scheduled and is available for purchase through both online and physical retail.

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