Monday, November 21, 2016

Blog Post 11/21/2016: Alola from Alola

Overwatch's most recent update is quite the game changer, and not even because of the new hero that people scramble for at the start of the match like children at an amusement park desperately struggling to be the one who makes it onto the last seat in the bumper cars. I'd like to play as Sombra too, but I've come to accept that this will most likely not happen for another few weeks. Zenyatta is still fun anyway. 

The new Arcade modes breathed a new life into the game that I think many were beginning to believe was getting stale. The 3 v 3 permadeath mode in particular had me at the edge of my seat in a way that Quick Play hadn't for at least a few months. Knowing that one death is all it takes to completely screw over the rest of your team adds a gravity to each decision that would get watered down in the respawning bum rush that inevitably occurs when pushing the payload on Route 66. It doesn't help that dead teammates can watch your every action and judge you. I mostly play as Roadhog though, so no worries.

Despite the great additions I mentioned above, I think I've actually moved on from Overwatch for a while. As you can probably ascertain by the content of this website, I'm a bit of a Pokemon fanatic, and the sweet siren song of an entirely new main-series Pokemon game is one that I couldn't resist even on my best days. Not that I would ever actually try to resist, mind you. 

So far, I can honestly say that Game Freak blew me away with this one. I'm midway through the third island of Pokemon Sun right now, and I've been impressed left and right since I booted the game up. The new Pokemon are imaginative, but believable. The Alola forms are delightful redesigns that don't stray too far from their source material. The Island Challenge is a refreshing new take on the traditional Gym Leader formula that doesn't detract from the importance of battling. Speaking of battling, I actually would have lost a fight with one of the Totem Pokemon if I didn't have a few Revives in my backpack, which is a level of difficulty that Pokemon X and Y never escalated to. They also removed several more tedious aspects of the previous games, such as HMs and repeatedly having to verify that "No, I don't want my Pokemon to learn fricken Harden. Why would I ever need that move?" As a lifetime Pokemon fan, these changes are much appreciated and I can only hope that they stick around for the next batch of Pokemon games. The Ride Pokemon, in particular, are a feature that I can't believe nobody thought of before. The game basically took all of the HM moves from previous games and jammed them onto set Pokemon that you acquire at fixed intervals throughout the game and whom you can call upon to assist you at any time without having to relegate a valuable spot in your party to something lame enough to carry Rock Smash. The game is a treat to play, and I look forward to picking up my 3DS again as soon as I finish typing this.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day. Alola. 

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