Friday, October 7, 2016

Two New Overwatch Heroes in Development

In a recent Overwatch developer update on the PlayOverwatch Youtube Channel, game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that there are currently two new heroes in development for the game.
One of these heroes (presumably the elusive Sombra) is very far along in the development process and is being played internally within Blizzard. Kaplan stated that he believed this hero will "see the light of day sooner rather than later".  The other hero, however, is still very much in the early stages of development that will be unveiled "probably sometime next year".

In addition to discussing the new heroes, Kaplan also spoke about several other topics such as character balance and new maps. It is important to note that Kaplan stressed that some of the developments discussed in his video may not see the light of day for weeks, months, or even ever. Kaplan mentions the following:

- The development team is currently looking at changes to Symmetra to make her more viable in a variety of situations. Kaplan specifically stated that they are looking at many different options for her which may or may not include altering some numbers and/or something more dramatic, and that these changes might take some time. He did, however, say this in response to players claiming that she should have more healing abilities: "There's a lot of pushing for Symmetra to be something that she's not...we're not really interested at this time at exploring Symmetra as a healer."

- An increase in Widomaker's scope's zoom-in speed is currently being tested in the public test realm.

- Genji may soon be unable to dash through Junkrat's Steel Trap ability.

- Junkrat's Ultimate will have a shorter charge time.

- Spectating is being tweaked a bit for esports broadcasting. Some of the new features on the PTR are the ability to set and bookmark camera points for spectating, a camera that is always focused on the objective, and hot keys to focus the camera on a specific player. The development team is also working to improve camera stability for generally higher-quality viewing.

- There is a new map that is currently is far along in the development stage and is receiving art work. Kaplan also mentions five other maps that are in the prototype stage but may not make it to release.

- More voice lines and emotes are in the pipeline.

- Finally, he mentions that there are new game modes in development, but no specifics were given.