Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hearthstone Teases Possible New Expansion-Gadgetzan

Early yesterday, the official Hearthstone Twitter account tweeted an image that many believe is teasing the next expansion for the online card game.

The link within the tweet leads to a page on the game's official website which features the front page of The Gadgetzan Gazette. In World of Warcraft lore, Gadgetzan is a Goblin-run trading outpost in neutral territory. The article on the front page of the newspaper boasts a great deal about the newly-constructed First Bank of Gadgetzan and its supposedly unbreakable vault.

In addition to the article, the front page also had several blocks of advertisements. One of them, advertising Talan's Bar, displays a hyperlink which will take you to Facebook messenger where you can have a chat with Talan, the barkeeper of the local tavern. Talan will allude to an upcoming "opportunity" and drop hints that Gadgetzan "ain't what it looks like". The conversation can also yield several images associated with the upcoming event.

The news about the vault and Talan's "opportunity" have led some players to believe that the next expansion will have a heist theme, but no official word on the expansion's content or release window has been given yet.

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