Thursday, October 20, 2016

FireRed Jacklocke Part 22

As I have stated before and will now reiterate, surfing all the way from Fuchsia City and through the Seafoam Islands to get to Cinnabar Island would be an immensely foolish thing to do. Not wanting to be an immense fool, I flew back to Pallet Town to instead prepare for my much-abbreviated journey southward to the 7th Kanto gym.

Knowing that I would be horrible son if I forgot about Mother's Day, her birthday, and didn't visit her while I was passing through town, I decided to pay a brief visit to me dear parent. As always, she just encouraged me to get lots of rest. I then decided that it would probably be socially expected of me to give Professor Oak a visit as well.

"Good to see you!" he exclaimed as I walked in through the doors of his lab.

"You forgot my name again, didn't you?"

"How is your Pokedex coming along?"


"You forgot about completing my Pokedex, didn't you?"

He had me there.

From there I surfed south on the back of my amazing Gyarados like the non-fool that I am and quickly landed at my destination: Cinnabar Island.

As I walked through town towards the Pokemon Center, I couldn't help but notice a small laboratory nearby. Something deep in the inner recesses of my brain told me that I had heard something about a lab on Cinnabar Island before, but I couldn't quite come up with exactly what it was. I did, however, experience the sudden urge to shout something at the top of my lungs every time I tried hard at remembering. I can't deny that my curiosity was piqued, so I entered the facility and began poking around for a bit. It didn't take me long to find this wonderful specimen of a human being:

I remembered my previous episodes just in time to involuntarily scream "Fossils!" in the middle of the lab. In a manner suspiciously similar to past events, I awoke from my stupor a day later in a decrepit building holding a Pokeball with an Aerodactyl in it.

I snatched the nearby key and eventually managed to find my way out.

To be continued...

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