Tuesday, October 18, 2016

FireRed Jacklocke Part 21

When faced with extraordinary grief, I have often found solace by examining my current situation and appreciating the many good aspects of my life. For example, I still have a team of five powerful Pokemon. I already have five gym badges and am about to go get my sixth. Now that I’ve left Silph Co. I never have to deal with those annoying teleporters ever aga-

“Son of a Bisharp.”

When faced with extraordinary annoyance, I have often found solace by examining my current situation and appreciating the many good aspects of my life. For example, I successfully stopped Silph Co. from being destroyed. With only five active Pokemon, they will each gain more experience points than if I had six. I somehow got my missing toe back in one of Saffron City Gym’s teleporters. And before I knew it, I had teleported my way into Sabrina’s battle chamber.

“I had a vision of your arrival,” Sabrina said aloud as she stared over my shoulder.

I waived my hand in front of her blank face and said “I’m over here.”

“I have had psychic powers since I was a child.”

“That’s pretty cool. You’re like a real life X-Men.”

“It started when a spoon I carelessly tossed, bent.”

“Have you ever seen those movies?”

“I dislike battling, but if you wish, I will show you my powers!”

“Cyclops is a real tool in them. I liked the cartoon version better.”

Sabrina opened with a Kadabra, but that quickly fell to Hachiko. A similar fate befell her Mr. Mime, who wasn’t able to rack up enough Calm Minds before being taken out by Hachiko’s Bite. As to be expected, her Venomoth also stood no chance. Next came Sabrina’s fearsome Alakazam, who was also defeated before it could even land a single attack on Hachiko. I really like my giant fire dog.

After receiving my Marshbadge, I looked at my trusty Town Map to check my next destination…

…and immediately concluded that surfing from Fuchsia City through the Seafoam Islands and all the way to Cinnabar Island would be utterly stupid since I could just surf there from Pallet Town in less than half the time. I also got the sense that it would mean dealing with less boulder-related puzzles. I pity anybody that never realized this.

As I looked at the map, I also couldn’t help but notice a tiny dot in the northeastern area that indicated an unexplored landmark. Always eager to investigate potentially deadly sites, I flew back to the Pokemon Center near the entrance to Rock Tunnel on the wings of my unfortunate Spearow, Myra, and made my way south towards the abandoned Kanto Power Plant.

Once inside, I encountered a Pikachu who, long story short, is now named Dynamo, is sitting in my storage box, and most likely dislikes Bacchus. That thing was pretty spunky. The rest of my excursion through the abandoned power plant, however, was fairly uneventful, but I did manage to find some nice TMs. I also encountered a weird, ticked-off bird that thought it could take on Craig. It couldn’t.

To be continued…

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