Tuesday, October 4, 2016

FireRed Jacklocke Part 17

Have you ever been enjoying a pleasant safari adventure when all of a sudden you stumble across a random person’s dentures? No? Okay, I suppose that’s just me then.

The aforementioned artificial chewing apparatus also happened to be right next to a sign asking for help in finding the Safari Zone warden’s missing teeth, so I assume that whoever was in charge of erecting signs that day did not feel like going above and beyond his job duties. Luckily for the warden though, I was magnanimous to pluck these unsightly dentures from the ground and return them to him for the nominal fee of one Strength HM. He was quite grateful. Afterwards, I politely barged into his next door neighbor’s house and was offered a Good Rod for my intrusion. Kanto people seem to just love accommodating trespassers.

With the dentures out of my hands and a shiny new HM in them, I decided that I was ready to challenge Fuchsia City Gym. At least that’s what I thought until I realized that the first trainer I encountered there had a Hypno that already out-leveled everything in my party.

Wumbo barely managed to defeat it, but it was a victory that left me full of doubt rather than confidence. I returned to Fuchsia City’s Pokemon Center, gathered my party up in front of the building, and loudly declared, “Let’s get down to business…to defeat…the Huns!”

This time they all laughed about it.

My party and I cleared our routes 14 and 15 of trainers, once again to the tune of “Make a Man Out of You”. After defeating all these trainers, I re-examined my party. Despite each having fully grasped the concept of the salad fork being completely separate from the dinner fork and how to properly fold the napkin over their lap, I found their combat levels to still be a bit lacking. So I pulled out my trusty Town Map and searched for any potential training grounds that I had not yet utilized. Lo and behold, I found just the route: Route 17.

I flew back to Celadon City and entered Route 17 from the northern gate, but immediately regretted this decision. As I entered the route, several thugs began circling me on their motorcycles, heckling my Pokemon and me.

It also didn’t help that I had no qualms about escalating the situation.

“Nice jackets, they make ‘em for men?” I called out to them.

As one can imagine, they did not appreciate that. In anger, one of the punks attempted to knock me over the head, which I dodged, but another one managed to come up behind me and pluck Craig’s Pokeball from my belt.

“Oooh, a Graveler!” he taunted. “I’ve been wanting one of these for a while now.

No longer interested in exchanging barbs, I stared at the man square in the eye and said, “Give that back.”

They seemed to find this amusing as they all began laughing in unison.

“How about saying that again? Maybe a bit politer this time?”

“No, I don’t think I will. I just decided that it would be far more fun to take it back.”

I called out Hachiko and the battle ensued. They sent out Pokemon after Pokemon, but Hachiko downed them each one after another with his mighty Flamethrower. Finally, the only thug left was the one with Craig’s Pokeball. But instead of releasing his Pokemon, he bolted onto his motorcycle and took off south with his hostage still in his hand. I hopped back onto my bicycle and pursued, but Nikolaus Otto can rest easy in his grave with the knowledge that my human legs simply could not produce enough pedaling power to keep up with that blasted internal combustion engine.
My pedaling grew faster and faster as I grew more desperate, but Craig only grew farther away. It was then that I realized that Hachiko had been keeping pace with me for the duration of the chase and I knew what I had to do. Still biking, I reached into my backpack and pulled out something very special that I bought for Hachiko a long time ago.

“Hachiko,” I called out as I hurled the Fire Stone at him. “It’s time!”

I jumped from my bicycle onto Hachiko just as he finished evolving into his new form, and the pursuit continued.

That motorcycle was no match for the base 95 speed of Arcanine Hachiko, and it was soon a semi-molten hunk of metal with a very frightened owner on the ground next to it. I reached an open palm to the would-be thief.

“Ball,” I commanded sternly.

And Craig’s ball was placed in my hand. I called out my friend and I wrapped him up in a massive hug before remarking, “Uh, boy, Craig. You look a bit different…”

To be continued…

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