Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sun and Moon Version Exclusives Revealed

The Official Pokemon Channel unveiled three new Pokemon (one with a pair of forms), two new Z-Moves, and a new (ish) game mechanic in their weekly Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer.
First off, we have the Sun-exclusive Passimian (pictured below), a fighting-type lemur Pokemon that looks like a body builder from the early 90’s. Passimian comes with the new Receiver ability. This ability apparently lets him take on the ability of fainted allies.

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The trailer then showed off Oranguru, the Psychic and Normal-type Moon counterpart to Sun’s Passimian. Oranguru showed off a new attack called Instruct which allows it’s ally to attack a second time.  

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Finally, the trailer showed off the two version-exclusive forms of Rockruff’s evolution, Lycanroc’s Midday Form and Lycanroc’s Midnight Form. The Midday form of Lycanroc also showed off a new increased-priority Rock-type move called Accelrock.

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The trailer then went into some more gameplay features. The ability to customize clothes makes a return from Pokemon X and Y, and it appears that players will get a few more options in terms of appearance. Thankfully, it also looks like female characters will have the opportunity to take off that ridiculous-looking hat. Players can also groom their Pokemon in Pokemon Refresh, a mode that looks suspiciously similar to X and Y’s Pokemon Amie.

Finally, the trailer showed off the Pikachu-exclusive Z-Move Catastropika and the Eevee-exclusive Extreme Evoboost. Something worth noting about Eevee’s Extreme Evoboost is that the animation for the attack shows each of the Eeveelutions bestowing power on the Eevee, and every one that appeared was from a previous generation, which implies that we will unfortunately not be seeing a new Eeveelution this generation.

The lack of a new Eeveelution part is a bit of a bummer, but I can’t deny how sweet those Lycanroc forms look. As always, you can view the trailer in its entirety here on Youtube.

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