Friday, September 2, 2016

Snorlax Storms Alola

Hot off the heels of Thursday’s Nintendo Direct, the Official Pokemon Youtube channel released another one-and-a-half-minute video with new details about the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon.

First off, the latest trailer revealed the newest Alola Form Pokemon: Rattata.

In addition to Rattata’s typical Normal typing, Alola’s Rattata have also gained a secondary Dark type. The video also states that Alola Form Rattata’s abilities are Hustle and Gluttony, as opposed to Run Away and Guts. According to, which I can assume to be a credible source on the matter, Alolan Rattata are nocturnal. Apparently, Yungoos were originally introduced to Alola to combat the overpopulation of Rattata. Rather than be hunted down by the Yungoos, Rattata adapted to live nocturnal lives to help them avoid the daytime-hunting Yungoos.

We also got more information about Z-moves, the extremely powerful once-per-battle attack whose animations tend to end with massive, city-leveling explosions. The video states that some Z-moves may be Pokemon-specific. A case in both points would be Alolan Raichu’s Stoked Sparksurfer attack, which was also revealed in the video.

Finally, as is stated in the Nintendo Direct itself, Sun and Moon players will be able to receive a promotional Munchlax in-game until January 11. After this Munchlax evolves, players can give it the item Snorlium Z to hold. This will allow Snorlax to perform its special Z-move called Pulverizing Pancake, which looks similar to if Snorlax attempted to be a Dragon Ball Z character.

Though the major takeaways from the video are the Pokemon-exclusive Z-moves and the meme-worthy Snorlax, I can’t deny that I thought that dark Rattata looked pretty darn cool. It makes me think if a Rattata that has lived a hard knock life of crime and now can only find peace in the solitude of old age. If it comes down to choosing between this Rattata and the elongated Exeggutor, I don’t know which one I would choose to add to my party, but hopefully I'll be able to decide by the time the games launch on November 18.

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