Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pokemon FireRed Jacklocke Part 9

                In my quest to prove that spelling vermillion with two L’s was the proper way to live one’s life, I went from cabin to cabin of the S.S. Anne, polling each inhabitant on how they spelled vermillion.
Below deck the score was 2-5 in favor of vermilion, level 1 favored vermillion 10-9, level 2 scored 7-5 for vermillion, and the outer deck was evenly split 3-3. With the debate tied, I knew that there was only one person who could help me put this matter to bed and prove that I’m correct: the ship’s captain.

                I marched to the captain’s cabin, convinced that surely somebody of his esteemed position would have the sense to spell vermillion with two L’s, but was mortified when I saw the spiky brown hair of Pallet Town’s most irritating neighbor.

                “Bonjour! Jack!” exclaimed Buttock.


                “Imagine seeing you here! Jack, were you really invited?”

                “Umm, sure…”

                “So how’s your Pokedex coming along?”

                “I don’t know, I can’t say that I care.”

                “I already caught 40 kinds, pal.”

                “Okay. Cool.”

                “Different kinds are everywhere.”

                “I don’t doubt that, yeah.”

                “Crawl around in grassy-”

                “Can we just get this battle over with?”

                He chuckled for a moment and a smug smirk crept across his face.

                “Of course.”

                And the battle ensued. Like in our previous rumble, we opened with his Pidgeotto versus my Tyrant. This time it was far less of a contest as Tyrant mowed down his bird. All was well and it looked like this battle was in the bag for me. Enter Buttock’s Kadabra. Tyrant had a typing disadvantage, so I sent out Dig Dug. However little Dig Dug only managed to get in a single weak Magnitude before being reduced to three hit points by that Kadabra’s fearsome special attack stat. I looked over my options. Bruce, Tyrant, and Bacchus all had a type disadvantage against this thing, but I still had one hope.

                “Let’s do this Stalker!” I cried as I sent out my Meowth.

                But he just wasn’t fast enough. Stalker took a Confusion attack upon switching in and before he could even attack with Bite, the little cat that stole my tuna sandwiches was finished. I cradled my friend in my arms, just as I had done with Vermin only a few weeks ago.

                “Bacchus finish him!” I yelled through choked tears.

                If only it were that easy though. Between the type disadvantage, Disables, and forced confusion, Bacchus only barely managed to knock out that blasted Kadabra. Buttock did the predictable thing from there and sent out his Charmeleon. Bacchus heckled his Charmeleon with Leech Seed and Poison Powder before being swapped with Bruce, who suffered a critical hit from Ember immediately upon switching in, forcing me to make another switch to Tyrant. But from there, the win was sealed.

                I had Buttock pinned against the wall with my left forearm while I held Stalker tightly against my chest with my right.

                “Tell me!” I screamed at him. “Tell me!”

                “Tell you what?”

                “Tell me how you spell the word ‘vermillion’!”

                I listened with horror as Buttock spelled out vermillion, my rival’s voice indicating that he was experiencing some sort of delectable delight in the pronunciation of each letter.



                It was probably more than an hour later than I was finally able to hold back the tears well enough for me to see my own surroundings. I looked up at the door labeled “Captain” and realized that there was only one thing that I could do now. It was all that I could hope for. I barged in through the door and pointed directly at the white-bearded man before me.

                “Tell me something, Captain. How do you spell vermillion?”

                He met my gaze with one of equal intensity.

                “I would ask you the same question, boy.”

                I planted my firmly and with all the masculinity that my humble frame could muster I spelled, “V-E-R-M-I-L-L-I-O-N.”

                He continued his gaze for a moment before the faintest of smiles broke his icy countenance.

               “Damn straight.”
                I left the S.S. Anne behind, nearly despondent from the loss of Stalker and my inconclusive survey. Even with the captain’s agreement, the results were still a tie. I carried Stalker’s body to the Pokemon Center and performed the ritual of spirit releasing, just as I had done with Vermin. Though our time together was short, I feel like I had grown truly close with the Pokemon that I caught stealing our tuna fish sandwiches. Once again, I lost a friend.

                To be continued…

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