Thursday, September 1, 2016

Pokemon FireRed Jacklocke Part 8

                The sound of ships in the harbor and the pungent odor of dead fish told me that I had finally arrived at my destination. To confirm this, I walked over to the nearest sign and read aloud “Vermilion City, The Port of Exquisite Sunsets”. Aren’t there supposed to be two L’s in “Vermillion” instead of only one?
I went to the local Pokemon Center to heal up Stalker, who had been turning out to be quite the little scrapper, and patiently waited near the counter while the attendant healed my Pokemon. The correct spelling of vermillion was still pestering my mind, so I decided to do a bit of research. I casually approached the other person near the counter to start a casual conversation and casually directed it towards the casual topic of spelling.

                “Excuse me, but how do you spell the word ‘vermillion’?”


                “Um, thanks.”

                Then I walked away. Casually, of course.

                I retrieved my healed Pokemon and headed out of the Pokemon Center, determined to find somebody in this Arceus-forsaken city that agreed with me. I wandered the streets of Vermilion City and eventually found what appeared to be some sort of public gathering place. I peered in through the window and saw several people socializing with an adorable Pokemon at each of their side.

                “These look like some sensible people,” I said to myself.

                I let my party out of the Pokeballs to help me determine which of my partners would work best to fit in with this club of trainers with their cute Pokemon. I had

                Bacchus, a big blue toad with a plant attached to his back through ambiguous means,

                Tyrant, a freckled purple rabbit with toxic spikes,

                Bruce, a ticked off monkey,

                And Stalker.

                 I went with Stalker. Together my Meowth and I infiltrated the Pokemon Fan Club, interviewing person after person about their spelling of the word “vermillion”, all while posing as a typical Pokemon fanatic and his adorable pet Meowth. My findings were less than ideal.





                “Let me tell you about my Rapidash…”

                My investigation yielded nothing but a salty attitude and a voucher for a free bicycle. But I was not dissuaded from proving myself correct. I quickly reasoned that everybody here had probably grown up in Vermilion City, and so was probably raised under the incorrect notion of vermillion being spelled with one L. I concluded that I needed to find some people that weren’t from around here, so I decided that I would head down to the docks the next day to find someone from a different part of Kanto who would have been raised with a proper education in spelling.

                At this point I was quite hungry, so I went fishing and caught a Magikarp that I nicknamed Dinner. I probably should not have told you about that part. Moving on, I then caught a Diglett named Dig Dug and a Spearow named Myra.

                The next day I strolled down to the docks for some more investigating. To my delight, I found a large cruise ship docked in the harbor. Believing this to be the perfect opportunity to gauge some impartial opinions, I strolled down the dock to board onto the vessel but was halted by a rather burly bouncer with the distinct musk of testosterone and Axe body spray.

                “Do you have a ticket?”

                “How do you spell the word ‘vermillion’?”


                “Oh really? Because that sailor over there said that everybody that spells it with one L is a moron.”

                “He what?”

                I proceeded to sneak onto the ship while the bouncer was preoccupied with thumping the sailor.

To be continued…

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