Friday, September 23, 2016

Paper Mario: Color Splash Accidentally Released on eShop

Starting late last night, fans who pre-ordered the upcoming Paper Mario: Color Splash were apparently able able to download the game and play the full release version of the title two weeks prior to the game’s scheduled release date.

The earliest known exploitation of this accidental leak occurred last night, and word quickly spread to reddit and Twitter. Several players were even able to pre-order the game, complete the pre-order download, and begin playing before Nintendo removed the pre-order link from the Wii U’s eShop earlier this morning. Despite the ability to preorder the game being removed, users that did manage to exploit the leak have not yet reported being locked out of the game.

From what can be gleaned from players that managed to get some play time with this unintentional early release, first impressions appear to be pretty good. Several redditors have so far praised the game’s soundtrack and humor, and seem to be having a generally good time with the game. Unfortunately, with the pre-order option removed from the eShop, it looks like those of us that did not jump on the Color Splash train right away will have to wait until October 7 to get their hands on Paper Mario: Color Splash just like everybody else.

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