Saturday, September 24, 2016

Paladins Open Beta a Success Despite Accusations

Hi-Rez Studios' upcoming free-to-play team-based shooter Paladins entered open beta on September 15 and, despite several accusations of cloning Blizzard's Overwatch, is currently rising in Steam's download charts.

After 9 days in open beta, Paladins has reached almost 900,000 downloads along with a Steam reception rating of "Very Positive". This rating comes from close to 12,000 reviews on the game's Steam store page, of which about 85% are currently positive.

Paladins received quite a bit of backlash upon it's early access release (see above link for one example) because of its numerous similarities with the already-popular Overwatch, so much so that Hi-Rez Studios' co-founder and COO Todd Harris took to reddit to lay out a timeline of Paladins' development and post pre-alpha footage as proof that many of the allegedly ripped-off game play mechanics and abilities were already incorporated into Paladins or previous Hi-Rez Studios games years before Blizzard even officially announced Overwatch at BlizzCon in November of 2014. Though Harris provided a comprehensive defense of his company's project, that has not stopped players from comparing it to Blizzard's hugely popular game, with Steam users posting opinions such as "overwatch for poor people", "It's like Overwatch but without Overwatch", and "Store brand Overwatch". That being said, each of these quoted reviews still gave the Paladins a thumbs up on its official Steam store page.