Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Mario Coming to iOS Devices

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage at Apple’s iPhone 7 Presentation today to announce Super Mario Run for iOS devices.
In the live demonstration, it was showed that Mario will continuously run towards the right of the screen (without any input) and players will tap anywhere on the screen to make Mario jump and help him make his way through the course. Miyamoto also stated (through a translator) that later levels will have special blocks that can force Mario to change directions and blocks that can start and stop him with precision timing. The goal of the game, like most Mario platformers, is to travel to the end of the level with the most coins and the shortest time. He also made a special of point of noting that Mario can be played one-handed for the first time, which is ideal for such a mobile platform.
In addition to the basic mode described above, Super Mario Run will also feature a battle mode called “Toad Rally”, in which players choose another player’s time against whom to compete. This mode featured Mario running through a course with a ghost of the opponent’s Mario also running the course to show the path they took. In addition to scoring using coins, players will also be graded based on the number of toads they impress, which can be done by performing “daring moves”.
Miyamoto also stated through his translator that the game is planned to be offered at a “set price” so that players do not have to worry about continuing to pay to enjoy the game. The price for the game was not specified, but a release window of the holiday season 2016 was given.

You can view the Apple presentation in its entirety here on Youtube.

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