Tuesday, September 27, 2016

FireRed Jacklocke Part 15

After the emotional moment which no doubt brought a more than a few tears to your eye, I descended from Pokemon Tower back down to Lavender Town and went to visit Mr. Fuji in his home.

“Your Pokedex quest is one that requires strong dedication. Without deep love for Pokemon, your quest may fail. I’m not sure if this will help you, but I’d like you to have it.”

He handed me a weird flute with a Pokeball design on it.

“Upon hearing the Poke Flute, sleeping Pokemon will spring awake. Try using it on Pokemon that are sleeping obstacles.”

I eyed the Poke Flute suspiciously.

“So would you say that this flute wakes up Pokemon in a, um, pleasant way or an unpleasant way?”

Mr. Fuji patted my shoulder in an assuring manner.

“There are few noises in the world as pleasant as a Poke Flute. The Pokemon that you awaken with it will no doubt be in an agreeable mood.”

“Ah, that’s relieving to hear.”

About an hour later Craig and I were being chased down a boardwalk by a severely ticked off Snorlax while I screamed “Mr. Fuji lied! Mr. Fuji lied!” at the top of my lungs.

“Magnitude! Magnitude! Rock Slide!” I commanded in succession.

After taking a thorough thrashing, the Snorlax unceremoniously plopped itself onto the ground in exhaustion. Craig and I stood their panting but relieved to be alive. Then the Snorlax somehow managed to pull a Chesto Berry out of nowhere, toss it into its mouth, and wake up in a rage again ALL WHILE STILL ASLEEP. And just like that, the chase began anew. This cycle of extreme exercise followed by impromptu inactivity continued for about 20 minutes before I finally managed to stuff that dang thing in a Great Ball.

I named him “Wumbo”.

It was then that I was faced with an even greater task: how to make room for Wumbo in my party. I looked at every member carefully, examined their flaws and boons, and compared their stats. Finally, I had to break the news to Bruce.

Now, as you can well imagine, I was a bit hesitant to break this news to a Pokemon with a permanent anger vein on her forehead. I knew that this was a topic that would require some delicate conversation, so I sat down with Bruce over some coffee. Decaf, of course. You know, for safety reasons.

“Now Bruce,” I began.


“Yes, Primeape,” I nodded. “You have been a vital member of this team for a long time now.”


“Yes, Primeape,” I nodded again. “As such, I have come to trust you implicitly. That is why, my dear Bruce, I have a very special task for you.”


“Yes, Primeape. Now, this special task is going to require a bit of secrecy.”


“Yes, Primeape. As it stands, Pokemon trainers are only allowed to carry up to six Pokemon with them at a single time. But what I need from you is to be my secret seventh Pokemon.”


“Yes, Primeape. What this particular assignment will entail is you remaining at the Pokemon Day Care located just south of Cerulean City and continuing your training. You must develop your combat prowess out of sight. This way, just when our enemies believe that they have found the perfect counter to our team, I can spring you out from hiding and lay ruin to their heinous plans. What do you say, Bruce?”


The Pokemon Day Care worker did not look particularly pleased when Bruce attempted to climb on top of him and steal his sandwich, but I’m sure he deals with that sort of situation often.
And so my statistically heavier party and I set off for Fuchsia City.

To be continued…

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