Thursday, September 22, 2016

FireRed Jacklocke Part 14

When my journey last left off, I was in the unfortunate position of being on the exact opposite side of the Snorlax that I wanted to be on. My attempt to circumvent this dozing behemoth by taking the northern path did not end successfully either.

It was not a total loss though, because I encountered some stranger that paid me with an HM for Fly just to not tell anybody that I saw her. Always the advocate for personal privacy, I immediately departed from her home that I had just barged into without knocking and wiped the whole incident from my memory.

I used the aforementioned HM right away and returned to Lavender Town on the back of a very tired Spearow in the hopes of finding a different, non-morbidly-obese-bear-obstructed path into southern Kanto. I dashed south out of the town where the thing that I had totally forgotten about happened with the utmost haste but was once again halted by an unsightly obstruction.

“Well, crap.”

This was going to be harder than I thought. I returned to Lavender Town, pondering a way to Fuchsia City that would not necessitate a large truck and a winch, when a flash of inspiration came to me in the form of a towering building called Pokemon Tower.

“Ah!” I said aloud. “Perhaps from up there I can spot a path south.”

I jollily strolled past several people who were bawling for some reason or another and made my way up the stairs to the second floor of the tower but was met with a horrific sight.

“Hey, Jack!” shouted Buttock. “What brings you here? Is your Pokemon dead?”

“No, but I suddenly wish that I was right now.”

“Hey! It’s alive!”

“You don’t say.”

“I can at least make them faint! Let’s go!”

And the next thing I knew, there was a Pidgeotto in my face. Minato made short work of it with his Shock Wave, so for some reason Buttock thought it would be a great idea to send out a Gyarados that he had somehow managed to acquire since I last saw him. In addition to acquiring it, Buttock also pulled off the difficult task of making that thing fit indoors. No matter, my boy Minato took big sea serpent out as well as his Exeggcute with no exertion. But much to my shock, I would once again learn that I should have prepared for that Kadabra.

Just kidding, Minato one-shotted that too while I flashed my middle finger at it. I still miss Stalker. I maintained my upright middle finger while my new favorite Jolteon downed Buttock’s Charmeleon as well.

“What! You stinker!”

“Did you seriously just call me a ‘stinker’? How old are you?”

“I took it easy on you too!”

“Tough nuts, fork over the prize money.”

Pocketing that sweet 900 Pokedollars was so dang satisfying. I ascended the next flight of stairs and was immediately greeted by a fog reminiscent of my time in Celadon City Gym.

“Dang it, Erika, are you in here?” I called out.

But rather than a response from out in from of me, I heard an ominous voice just a few inches from my ear.

“Who’s Erika?”

I whipped around and found myself face to face with a floating, gaseous head.

“Oh, hell no,” I said aloud. Then I turned back around and continued walking as though I saw nothing.

“I’m just going to forget. I’m just going to forget that. I’m going to keep walking, and I’m just going to forget that,” I repeated to myself until I finally forgot what I was telling myself to forget.

I consciously chose to ignore the numerous channelers convulsing and spewing both gibberish and saliva around me as I continued my path to the top of tower. As I struggled to remember why the heck I had come to this place to begin with, I stumbled upon a rather aggressive specter that seemed to be very against me accomplishing whatever I came here to do.

I like to think I handled it professionally.

“Eek! Mercy!” I cried, and threw Bacchus’s Pokeball directly into the fog. Out came my Venusaur, whose Razor Leaf attacks were totally ineffective against it, likely due to the said phantom’s lack of any corporeal presence. Just as it appeared that we would be engulfed by this specter and its ominous fog, I felt a familiar presence behind me. I turned around and saw them, just as I remembered them, albeit slightly more transparent.

Together these strange beings in the guise of Vermin and Stalker leapt into the phantom’s fog and forced it back, revealing the form of a Marowak.

“Now Bacchus!” I commanded.

Bacchus fired his Razor Leaf at the revealed enemy and it disappeared in a puff of smoke. I turned to Vermin and Stalker, ready to embrace them in loving arms, but they had likewise vanished. The only confirmation I even had of their appearance was Bacchus repeatedly scratching at the ground on which the image of his old friend Vermin previously stood. But his search proved futile, and we were alone together again.

After collecting myself Bacchus and I ascended the final flight of stairs of Pokemon Tower and I found myself in the presence of three Team Rocket grunts beating the crap out of some old guy. Assuming this to be a private moment, I hastily turned around to leave but was sighted by one of the goons before I could depart. In line with the trend of my recent encounters, this guy and his cohorts immediately threw Pokeballs in my face, so I had no choice but to dispatch each of them with some rather large stones thrown by Craig. After their dispersal the old man shakily returned to his feet without me even needing to offer him assistance.

“Heh? You came to save me?”

“Of course!” I lied.

“Thank you.”

“Of course!”

“But, I came here of my own free will.”

“Were those guys kicking you in the crotch of your own free will too?”

“I came to calm the spirit of Cubone’s mother.”

“Who’s Cubone?”

“I think Marowak’s spirit has finally left us.”

“What’s a Marow-oh. Oooh. Um, yeah. Good job, man.”

“I must thank you for your kind concern.”

“Yup, you should.”

“Follow me to my home, Pokemon House, at the foot of this tower.”

“You bet.”

I followed him down the first flight of stairs but then paused.

“Um, actually how about you go on ahead and I’ll meet you there. There’s something I want to do first.”

He nodded understandingly and left me behind. When I was alone again, I walked over to an open space among the graves and kneeled to the ground. I pulled out a pair of Pokeballs and chiseled away at their red tops with a knife for several minutes. When I was done, I placed the two Pokeballs on the ground and left them behind. Each was crudely engraved with the words, “You will always be a part of my team.”

To be continued…

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