Friday, September 30, 2016

Final Fantasy TCG is Coming West

Lock up your daughters, lock up your wives. Heck lock up your dog too if it's a Final Fantasy fan, because the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game is heading west in a month.

Square Enix's official merchandise Twitter account announced yesterday that the Final Fantasy TCG is finally being released in Europe and North America on October 28th this year.

The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game is a 1 vs 1 collectible card game in which players attempt to land enough hits on their opponent using characters, supporters, and summons from the Final Fantasy series' large library of games. The initial run of cards in US and EU (called "Opus I") will feature 216 cards plus a foil version of each card. In addition to booster packs there will be 3 starter decks which feature Cloud, Tidus, and Lightning which each contain a 50 card deck, a play mat, and a set of rules for beginners. The game has apparently sold over 3.5 million booster packs since it released exclusively in Japan in 2011.

According to the game's creator, Taro Kageyama, the localized version of the game may see slight changes from the original Japanese release. In an interview at McM Comic Con earlier this year, Kageyama stated (through a translator), "The Japanese version turned out really well, but had some obstructive balancing issues. We fixed a lot of that when we made the EU version to get a really good game balance. We put great effort into redesigning cards to make them look cooler and more stylish."

He certainly wasn't wrong about the "stylish" part, as you  can see from some of the preview images posted on the game's website:

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You can look forward the game's release October 28. Maybe it can even satiate your Final Fantasy fix until Final Fantasy XV comes out on November 29.