Saturday, September 17, 2016

ActionJ4ck's Weekend Update (Sept 11, 2016 - Sept 17, 2016)

Happy Saturday, all. ActionJ4ck's Weekly Update is the weekly roundup of all the articles posted on the site since the last update.

The Jacklocke team has gone through some significant changes in the time it took to make it out of Rock Tunnel and topple a literally underground crime boss in parts 11 and 12 of the FireRed Jacklocke Challenge. You can read about both of these adventures here:

Some new talent added to the BioWare team may indicate that a new Dragon Age title is in the works. Read about it here:

And finally a new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon came out this week to show off a pair of new Ultra Beasts:

With my itch for Divinity: Original Sin officially satisfied, I suppose it's about time that I once again answer the sweet siren call of Overwatch. Have a great weekend.