Thursday, August 25, 2016

Pokemon FireRed Jacklocke Part 6

Having dried the tears left by Vermin’s passing from my face, I continued my journey by travelling east across Route 3 for what I hoped would be the final time, being sure to take a few moments to flip off that kid with the Spearow on my way through. I caught a Zubat in Mt. Moon, but I suppose that that’s like saying I didn’t die yesterday. It’s just kind of assumed. Being a female Zubat, I decided to give her the name Oracle and then immediately stuffed her in the storage box.

I wandered about Mt. Moon for a while, battling trainers here and there, but then met a man who told me something that I found rather interesting:

“FOSSILS!” I wailed so loudly that several Zubat actually opened their eyes just to see what the heck was going on.

My memory of what happened next is almost a complete blur, but when I came out of my supposed stupor I was standing in front of some guy dressed in black with two fainted Pokemon and a salty attitude and Tyrant looked a bit different than he did before.

I shrugged off worrying about it in favor of worrying about where the heck those fossils were. After a short walk around the cave they were right before me, guarded by some chump with the gall to believe that they belonged to him. Well, they probably did since he found them first, but whatever. After some completely blatant threats in the form of Bacchus, I negotiated him down to letting me take one of the two. I spent the next several hours like this:

Technically the answer to both questions was yes. I eventually passed out from exhaustion and woke up with the Dome Fossil already taken so I pocketed the Helix Fossil and made my way to the nearest exit of Mt. Moon. Cerulean City was within sight, but before arriving there I took a short detour to catch a Pokemon from Route 4. I caught an Ekans, which I decided to name “Snake”. It’s Ekans spelled backwards, which I thought was just so clever.

I decided to forgo going straight to Cerulean City’s gym in favor of heading north first for some training, a decision I immediately regretted when I saw Buttock waiting for me like a bully after school. Ugh. He, of course, challenged me to a battle, which I politely declined.

“Slag off, Buttock.”

The fight began anyway. Tyrant squared off against Buttock’s Pidgeotto to start things off and won with a little help from a Super Potion. Next he sent out an Abra, which for some reason Buttock declined to evolve into a Kadabra. Down it went. Next up came a Rattata. I withdrew Tyrant to give him time to wipe that annoying Pidgeotto’s sand out of his eyes and sent out Bruce. Though a closer contest than I would have liked, Bruce pulled out ahead. Finally Buttock sent out that Charmander. Blasted Charmander. This was the thing that started off my and Bacchus’s journey with a loss. I resisted the urge to send out Bacchus to settle the score and instead threw out Tyrant, who took the win handily. Buttock simply smirked and said “Smell you later” before I could even tell him that his Pokemon fight like a group of arthritic bingo players. Nevertheless, I was satisfied with my team’s performance and continued north, brimming with confidence that we could tackle whatever challenge awaited us.

To be continued...

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