Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pokemon FireRed Jacklocke Part 5

Determining that a bit more training was needed before tackling the Zubat-infested hell-hole that is Mt. Moon, I followed the trail of fainted Rattata and crying children back to Viridian Forest to give Tyrant a little lesson in combat and basic dinner etiquette.

 After training him to a satisfactory level and determining that he could, indeed, tell the difference between the dinner fork and salad fork, I went back to Route 3 for the third time. My plan was to simply dash through and head straight to Mt. Moon, but I felt a peculiar tingle in the back of my neck that signified that something here was amiss. I lay my hand and ear to the ground, then raised my nose and gently sniffed the still air. Anchovies. And as any true Pokemon trainer knows, the smell of anchovies in the air is a sure sign that there is someone on this route who still needs a severe butt-whooping. I scanned the surrounding area and found my target: a Youngster whose face was conspicuously absent of tears. With all the confidence of a Marshtomp-owner walking into Mauville City Gym, I strolled over the kid and demanded a battle.

I sent out Vermin, whom I began to grow quite fond of. To my mild surprise this boy sent out a level 14 Spearow, something that out-levels all of my Pokemon except Bacchus. A brief moment of hesitation came over me, but I quickly brushed it aside and ordered a Quick Attack, which the Spearow returned with a Peck. I smirked to myself. Based on these attacks, it was clear that Vermin could easily take this little bird. Quick Attack. Focus Energy. Not a problem. Quick Attack. Fury Attack.

“Wait, what?”

One hit. Two hits. Three and a critical. Four. And just like that Vermin was down. I stared in horror at the mutilated body of my first captured Pokemon. At first I was simply emotionless, but that void of emotion was quickly filled by despair. Despondently, I ordered Tyrant to finish off the boy’s Spearow and I held Vermin’s still body in my arms. I closed her eyes and whispered “Requiescat in pace” into her furry purple ears.

Her funeral was a brief one. To be frank, I didn’t really know what to say other than “sorry”. Bacchus took the whole thing particularly hard. They had grown close during their time together. But as her trainer and an internet-ordained minister it was my duty perform the ceremony. I followed the traditional steps (according to Wikipedia) to release her spirit from her body and that was the end of it. Vermin was dead.

It was then that I regretted, truly regretted, naming her Vermin. Instead, I wish I had named her Friend.

Holy Miltank, that was cheesy.

To be continued…

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