Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pokemon FireRed Jacklocke Part 3

   With a significantly stronger team and an empty can of bug spray I exited Viridian Forest having just encountered more insects than a garden-level apartment in Detroit. I strolled into the delightfully mellow Pewter City like I owned the place and was immediately greeted by the sweet smell of rocks and dirt. Aaahhh, sweet dirt. I healed up my Pokemon at the Pokemon Center and prepared to head off to Pewter Gym, ready to kick some igneous butt, but a spectacular sight snatched my attention on my way there.

   “Fossils!” I screeched like a preteen girl at a Harry Styles concert while I dashed into the Pewter Museum of Science.

   I scampered past the front desk, slowing down just enough to throw 50 pokedollars in the attendant’s face, gleeful at the thought of seeing fossils and satisfied that this place was still cheaper than Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. And now, my readers, the selfies:

This is me in front of the Aerodactyl fossil. They
 created a near perfect representation of it here.

This is me in front of this AMAZING Kabutops fossil.

The space shuttle. Not a fossil, but still cool, I guess.

This is THE meteorite that hit Mt. Moon.

I even got one of the archaeologists that worked
 here to take a picture with me. I was so lucky!

   As you have likely already gathered, I like fossils. Oh, and I beat Brock. It wasn’t even close. Go Bacchus.

   To be continued…
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